Late on September 7, the summerly ” of 238338 is in Su Ning of the 18th “88102 88102 Su Ning headquarters of Nanjing are performed ceremoniously, the theme of summerly evening party of 238338 is the Su Ning this2019最新上海419龙凤 year “ is extremely strong wave BO新茶嫩茶 微信OM” , com上海会所外卖工作室e from Su Ning to be bought easily, science and technology, content shedding, article is achieved, the young associate of the numerous industry such as finance displays talent each, performed a flowery “ extremely, wisdom, light, affection ” regale, the “ that explained Su Ning’s person extremely guest ” spirit. On the evening party ” be at ease become a boss ” the leading role “ in the program revive 210上海宝山区spa303 cloud ” is passed 上海gm干磨不限次88853 retail the story of counterattack of life of 210303 cloud implementation, brought to the audience not only blast a laugh, it is to let a lot of people discover the secret that become rich more! The traditional home appliance that the ” of “ Su Yun in the program is a simple and honest simple minded 88853 shopkeeper, the experience that relies on oneself originally and meaning of livelihood of sincere letter classics still consider reluctance OK, but the practise fraud of Wang Ye of crafty unscrupulous merchant manages adjoining competitor, add the hig水磨全套项目介绍h speed that accompanying information of science and technology to develop, oneself cannot the market insight that sheet maintains acumen by experience, business ability every besides day. Su Yun can find no way out during, zero carry out cloud gives Su Ning the 120537 bonus that he brought wisdom retail era, realized 120537 his life to win a dream! In commercial society, going after commercial profit to beg “ rich ” is all partners undoubtedly most the issue that mind. Su Ning of not long ago held a problem to be “ wisdom in Nanjing headquarters retail the retail cloud that achieves rich future ” partner congress, face more than 1000 when c上海kb名店蓝月亮ome from countrywide each district retail cloud to join in business, zhang Jindong of Su Ning president says frankly, let oneself and family spend superior time, ever was the original intention that he does poineering work. Real life has the traditional shopkeeper上海会所招聘油压师 like very much He Suyun to struggle hard in the border land of management difficulty. Sincere be like character of Zhang Jindong place, retail cloud passes Su Ning just about Suningzhi intelligent the freeway that retail ability outputs, the link is dispersed the blood capillary that presses down the market in broad county, with the means layout of Internet, development the county presses down the market, endow 2019上海油压交流群with in order to open the attitude of win-win of join, cooperation can the county presses down shopkeeper, make a batch lead Chinese county to press down the market to consume the new power that economy expands. On summerly evening party of Su Ning, su Yun relied on 上海新村路子长路flthe operation ability with retail wisdom of Su Ning deep ploughing and actual strength of science and technology to gain trade success finally. As we have learned, merchant of retail cloud door should face Su Ning the county of 10 thousand population presses down 2-4 the market, use “ to join in inn straight battalion changes administrative ” pattern, the hire that joins in bu上海外卖私人工作室联系方式siness proper motion assumes door inn namely, decorate, the operation cost such as worker firewood fulfil, but the multinomial resource such as the brand that can share Su Ning, commodity, sale, conduct propaganda, finance, content shedding, service, science and technology. From selection, purchase sale, conduct propaganda to wait to service, carry out hind again, all provide profes上海后花园千花网sional guidance by Su Ning, all-around multidimensional spend an ode can partner. Su Ning is retail the cloud is to pass method of science and technology to be金山海鸥大厦spa opposite of traditional retail trade overturn, realize efficient door inn to upgrade. Rely on retail cloud platform of Su Ning, ministry of integrated inside and outside supplies the capacity of core of total value catenary such as catenary, content shedding, finance, mature ret松江双人spaail pattern the ode can give inside, exterior shopkeeper door, selection, order goods, sale, sales promotion, display wait for centralized operation, the door store that lets bosses is managed become simpler, more businesslike, more intelligence is changed. Su Ning is retail the cloud is China among all platform, exclusive one those who have independent IT system is medium desk system. Retail cloud is in Su Ning the digitlization of person, goods, field reframes the respect also is having original advantage. Above all, su Ning is retail the cloud guided golden mine of Su Ning, a thousa上海哪里还能TYnd li passes sound, V to buy wait for data product; next, press down the market in the light of the county, retail cloud itself also