Autumn wind blows rain to pass south buil闵行南美水疗都有什么ding, one night is new cool it is the Beginning of Autumn is entered dry,crisp air of autumn in September, arrived again ” Jin Jiuyin 10 ” the season that decorates busy season to say autumn is to suit to decorate most, decorate Xiaobai people be opposite this how to many knowledge have again? Decorating is a big science, the first time the owner that decorate sees way to do sth comes very hard a lot of owner have to new home infinite period make when should fulfil that momen上海闵行银都路水磨tly, the heart always is full of anxious design, c上海龙凤桑拿419raft, material, effect, leakage, if can choose,leakage quantity is a problem entirely, are you willing to want such 53419 building site? The project of these hole dad inv上海龙凤桑拿419ites owner people anxious became white the head is about to cry again without the tear! How many person is carrying sorching burning sun on the head to run everyday were 53419 building site basked in a few skins? ! How many have not see building site discover new home follows finally for nothing at the outset does design program photograph compare ulterly changed miserable experience? ! Such project, the price is again cheap, dare you choose? 40608 100 people 251752 form a delegatio上海闵行区 保健n see building site on September 15, 2018 09:1Car of the hair on 8 horses on September 15, artisan of technology of energy of combination of 上门一般都是仙人跳89401 wide report decorates 116528 assist this world ” 40608 100 people 251752 form a delegation visit building site ” large commonweal activity 12503 strong 123612 regression! Venue: The first regular bus: 116528 assist are in relief doorway of broadcasting television stage in the morning 9: 18 punctual set out the 2nd regular bus: Energy technology artisan adorns an entrance in the morning 10:1Car of 8 punctual hair is gone to period 100 people form a delegation see special of building site ground receive send, need not professional of give a按摩水磨和干磨的区别 lot of care explains, true and false of construction craft, material, the spot dispels doubts about a hundred building site, all sorts of different construction phase, can owner visit 100 people to form a delegation visit building site what does stream of people of hot spot · measure ginseng of 300+ building site to watch? See building site reload repair a note to do not have the owner that decorates experience more very much first, do not know possibly to visitting building site what to should see! The following everybody should notice at 4 o’clock mainly: 1, construction standard craft, material, necessary step, fire extinguisher whether to carry out according to the standard 2, the job 夜上海高端水磨洗浴桑拿before processing of basic level of construction details water and electricity, metope, lacquering can reflect construction level most 3, floor of finished product protection, ceramic tile, ambry, chest, door waits a product a moment to protect whether, the buys material product that whether cherishs owner 4, difference of dirty chaos of construction of base of construction site government often can be caused decorate pollution, management of building site spot is tight at be self restrained, also be responsible to owner accordingly, when will decorate busy season to come in September fall, assist is in relief 89401 wide report hand in hand adornment of energy 上海按摩推油论坛technology artisan will be held on September 15 ” see building site reload repair first ” activity of domestic outfit commonweal, take the building site on everybody to try to find out the real intention, inspect water and electricity to transform, construction of bricklaying oil industry, see a structure how be transformed, see construction craft close nevertheless too… personal actual combat walks into building site one dug unexpectedly, not only can the eye sees for solid, detailed knowledge decorates the construction quality of the company, still can acquire with decorate the construction craft point with close together上海干磨上门 and relevant quality, the property that gives oneself ” inspect manages ” . Send car 上海莞式水磨论坛shortly, assist stage of in relief broadcasting television also has done compere of preparative work front ahead of schedule for everybody what good news did foam pool bring to us again? Will quickly look! ” see building site reload repair first ” wide report of assist this world hand in hand energy technology artisan holds the post of you 156 times to inspect in construction ground! Building site straight be open to traffic, special sees building site accom上海千花论坛pany you to understand decorate knack, see construction technology, differentiate material true and false, the spot solves doubt, let the clarity that you see, thos阿拉爱上海fl其他e who listen is clear, solve you decorate bewilderment. Enlist a boy or girl friend 1. Decorate dish bird 2. Decorate amount to a person 3. Decorate wait-and-see activity time: On September 15, 2018 Saturday in the morning 9: 18 venue setting out: Assist the hot line signs up at the door stage of in relief broadcasting television: 18872575633 activities are favourable: 1, decorate indulgence: Collect between urban example, design, carpentry, oily labour, mud labour, carry wait for each gr上海推油店长寿路豪轩eat type of work, ceramic tile, clean is provided, door of floor, wood, ambry, curtain, 宝山水疗群wallpaper, lamps and lanterns, switch, whole house arrives from semifinished product carry a bag